No, sharing your Spotify year-end artist stats is not a good idea – here’s why not

If you’re following music acts, odds are you’re already seeing Spotify-generated stats and graphs from artists. There’s a backlash to the practice – and with good reason.

Remembering Charlie Cooper: Free Download from Fhloston Paradigm

It’s easy to forget how deeply strangers can be connected by music in recordings and performances. Sadly, we too often take this connections for granted until we lose someone. When Telefon Tel Aviv’s Charlie Cooper passed away earlier this year, the loss sent shockwaves through the electronic music community. Because his work was influential for […]

- May 4, 2009

Telefon Tel Aviv on Emusic; Charlie Cooper on the New Album, Title, New Beginnings

Emusic added Telefon Tel Aviv’s new album, Immolate Yourself, which was released on the same week as the loss of Charlie Cooper, half of the duo. Cooper’s death has saddened electronic music lovers worldwide, and made the album title seem much bleaker. But I want to excerpt a couple of Charlie Cooper’s quotes to Emusic’s […]

- February 3, 2009

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