Color and Light: Vezer Timeline Software Gets Savvy with Lighting

Who says a projector has to be the output? For decades now, average musicians have easily controlled instruments via MIDI, from drum machines to pianos. Now, software makes it easier than ever for users to do the same with color and lights. The latest entry is the excellent visual timeline app Vezér. As of 1.3, […]

Vezér Lets You Control Anything with Timelines – Without Being Overly Hard to Use [Mac]

Take your visual app. Take a parameter. Now control it with timelines and automation – anything, anywhere. The appeal is clear for visualists, particularly with built-in options sometimes limited. Now, sequencing control – clocked to MIDI – can take on powerful new dimensions. Vezér isn’t the first app to go this direction, by any means. […]

Peter Kirn - May 14, 2013

Duration, A Timeline for Creative Coding: Hands-on Creators' Perspective

Performance, and performative arts, are about time. Yet time itself is oddly absent in any useful way from many creative coding environments. Most of the tools for dealing with time and scheduling cover only the basics, and most of the examples tend to adopt an everything-at-once sort of attitude, stymying the efforts of people working […]

momothemonster - February 25, 2013

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