KacheOut, Open Source Kinect Video Game; Quick, Grab a Huge Screen! [Code, Video]

I’m sure you’ve gazed up at big LED screens on stadiums and convention centers and the like and said this would be a lot more fun if I could play video games on it. Developers Mode Set got to live – and share – that dream. And they didn’t stop there: they built the whole […]

Processing 1.5 Arrives: Android Support, GLGraphics OpenGL Awesomeness

For people coding for visuals, Processing just keeps getting better. And for people who aren’t … well, you might just want to give it a second look, as a growing global army of people who never fancied themselves coders suddenly start typing up new creations. A new release makes mobile development easier and corrects lots […]

Peter Kirn - April 21, 2011

Decode Interactive Design Show Explodes with Light, Color; Open Source Logo in Processing

“Decode,” “Digital Design Sesnsations,” opened last night in London at the Victoria & Albert museum in a show running through April. The event was held in collaboration with onedotzero, a digital arts label, presenting organization, and production firm.  Rarely has there been this kind of blow-out explosion of interactive design creativity on this scale. Decode […]

Peter Kirn - December 8, 2009

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