Be a Music Geek Ninja with Electronic Music Programming in Pd: New Book

Okay, it looks a little scary, but just think of that as an added way of convincing your friends you’re a total badass. You may have heard about Pure Data (Pd), the open-source cousin to Max/MSP and a powerful tool for visual programming or “patching” music and multimedia. Pd has even appeared in the iPhone […]

Get the CDM Winter 2008 Guide Bound, Printed, Shipped by 12/24 Worldwide

Having been published the old-fashioned way, I’m really interested to see what on-demand printing will make possible in publishing and content – and, particularly, what it will mean for Web entities like CDM. (We need a new term: Web Treeware?) On-demand isn’t as fast as a retail outlet with a book in stock, but they’re […]

- December 12, 2008

Mix Online To Offer Monthly Game Audio Digital Magazine

Speaking of gaming, here’s more news that the fledgling game audio and music area is getting more attention — something that we at CDM see as very good news. (See our sometimes-obsessive gaming stories.) CDM’s resident game composer and sound designer checks in … In an e-mail he sent to me yesterday, Peter pointed out […]

Westlee Latta - December 18, 2007

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