*Spark D-Fuser Official Announcement Video: The DVI Mixer Approacheth

If you’re a visualist, working with digital video, then shit is in the process of becoming real. Toby*Spark initially announced the “*Spark D-Fuser” Sub-$1000 DVI mixer project 8 months ago, and followed up with some more specifics. If you Follow Toby on Twitter then you will have seen some sporadic details and titillating photos appear […]

The AV Hardware Battleship: Numark AVM02 Audio Visual Mixer Reviewed on Skynoise

Jean Poole has posted a practical and personal review of Numark’s AVM02 audio/video mixer (site | on CDM): Why? There are video mixers, there are audio mixers. Combining them into one unit mostly makes sense if you want to mix both simultaneously. One smooth crossfade that leaves your other hand free for shaking a tambourine […]

Jaymis Loveday - March 17, 2009

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