*Spark D-Fuser Official Announcement Video: The DVI Mixer Approacheth

If you’re a visualist, working with digital video, then shit is in the process of becoming real. Toby*Spark initially announced the “*Spark D-Fuser” Sub-$1000 DVI mixer project 8 months ago, and followed up with some more specifics. If you Follow Toby on Twitter then you will have seen some sporadic details and titillating photos appear […]

Too Much Fun with Thermography and Spitting

Oh, don’t act all surprised and shocked. You know you’d go and do the same thing if you had access to a thermo camera. Bartek Polonski sends us an unusual twist on computer vision, combining thermography with basic code in Processing in order to subtract water from the scene. (No details on the specific camera […]

Peter Kirn - July 23, 2009

Live Mobile Video Stitching, Omni Projector: Microsoft Research Goodies

Whatever your feelings about Microsoft, their R&D operation employs some of the smartest minds in the business – and has done so for a long time. TechFest is the event that shares some of the best experiments. Some turn into products, others don’t, but the events always have some gems, and can provide plenty of […]

Peter Kirn - March 3, 2009

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