Video Tips on Live 8’s Vocoder, Collision Devices, Plus Live 8 Review

Still evaluating Live 8 – or want to learn more about how to use it? You can now read my review of Ableton Live 8 free on Keyboard Magazine’s site: Ableton Live 8 Review [Keyboard Magazine] See also (via comments) Nick Rothwell’s review for Sound on Sound June [subscription or US$1.49 fee required] Keyboard doesn’t […]

Propellerhead Record: New Getting Started Video Tutorial, Blog

This is going to get confusing, isn’t it, with a product name like “Record”? (A “Record Tutorial”? A “Record Video”? Maybe it’s just me…) Anyway, if you’re hooked up with the Record beta and looking to get started, Propellerhead have posted a video tutorial to get you going, with more planned. There’s also a new […]

- May 21, 2009

Everyone Needs a Vocoder: Live 8 Video Tutorial, Plus Live Live and Dummy Clips

Vocoding Voices in Live 8 from Bjorn Vayner on Vimeo. Continuing our growing collection of Live 8 video tutorials, our friend Bjorn of Covert Operators sends over a terrific tutorial on making use of the vocoder. Now, unlike the “misuse” tutorials we’ve been running, this is actually how this effect is designed to be used. […]

- April 29, 2009

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