New Music Tech Web Show Takes on VJing, Audiovisual Turntablism

How do you expose live visual culture to larger audiences? Even as club visuals have become more commonplace, and – evidently – some US$10 million in gear sold last year, the awareness of the medium itself is both limited and, very often, contentious. Producer and CDM reader Yaniv Fituci sends along one new entry, a […]

VJing, The Game: The AV Arcade Table, Powered by VJAMM

Guitar Hero? We want VJ Hero. And the AV Arcade Table, now part of the Boredbrands Digital Funfair, is exactly what you’d want it to be like. It’s got the hardware — a DIY, cocktail-style arcade table, just the like the one you spent playing Ms. Pac-Man on, slightly drunk. It’s got the software — […]

Peter Kirn - March 26, 2008

After Effects Freeframe Host Beta: It’s Free, It’s Plugins

Freeframe, that great open-source video effects plugin system for your favourite VJ app or NLE (and championed by developers from VJamm and Resolume) now comes in a new flavour: After Effects! BigFug (an active FreeFrame plugin developer) has released a beta of the After Effects Freeframe Host. It’s, well, free while in beta. The full […]

Jaymis Loveday - September 6, 2006

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