People Will Come: There’s Already a Free Sample Editor for volca sample

Getting “open” still scares many music manufacturers. Maybe they should double-check those fears. See, if you add simple jacks (MIDI, audio), if you add driver-less operation (via USB and the like), let alone if you design simple APIs or create open source interfaces, you open the door to people making things that work with your […]

Adobe’s Soundbooth CS4, the Audio Editor Giveaway in Creative Suite

Speaking of audio editors for the Mac, Adobe has its own wave-editing tool for Mac and Windows. Soundbooth is different from other entries in the field, in that its aim is really to woo a wide audience and not just those of us who work with sound regularly. Got a Flash project and need to […]

- January 28, 2009

Mobile Apps: MeTeoR, Micro-DAW for Windows Mobile PDAs, Phones

Don’t toss that Windows Mobile gadget yet. In fact, you might want to keep glued to Craig’s List for a used unit, if you like the idea of road warrior music production on the cheap, sans laptop. Amidst all the hype around the iPhone and iPod Touch, Windows Mobile devices could actually win on power […]

Peter Kirn - August 5, 2008

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