Okay, After Effects fans —


Yo Dawg, I hear you like Syphon, so I put Syphon in Your After Effects. Or something to that effect.

Say what? Well, Syphon, for those of you who have, um, never read this site, is a technology for connecting textures between apps on the Mac. And that includes tools like the wildly-popular MadMapper. There’s not only one use case for having a Syphon plug-in in After Effects, but one clear use case would be making adjustments to an animation in After Effects, live, while you test projection mapping (or other display mappings) in MadMapper.

It’s labeled an “experiment,” but the implementation looks very cool. A free trial is available; US$20 payment unlocks more resolutions if you like it.

Time to launch the Superior Danish Engineering hashtag.

  • Peak

    Since 2013, a free plugin is doing the same thing for Millumin —>
    Just my 2 cents …

    • Bah

      “No, it’s not Syphon : this plugin is only available for Millumin.”

      It also doesn’t do the same thing… Syphon can be used in multiple applications as that one you are speaking of only does that app.

  • Graham Thorne

    This is brill. A nice handy tool.

  • Stainebrain

    Amazing stuff c4d next please

    • You could actually use the bridge between C4D and AE to get both.

  • Thank you for this I was stuck on the mapping part recently but now got the idea.

  • Christopher Rose

    Excellent! would be really awesome if one was there for FCPX too…

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