By letting you get creative with audio, Ableton’s Simpler and slicing workflows have always opened up musical possibilities, and they got a lot more powerful in Live 9.5. But it could do even more. Developer Mark Egloff has released four clever Max for Live patches that let you slice without Push, chop in new ways, and more. 

Mark’s site AZ-Labs is a platform for Max for Live patches that offer, in Mark’s words, “new or improved workflows that Live doesn’t provide.”

And kicking things off, here are four invaluable M4L patches:

Slice Control. Hey, I love Push 2. I also sometimes start a song idea at my desk or on a train. Slice Control gives you the display and slice workflows that normally work on hardware. You get an on-screen display, and you can map to third-party MIDI controllers (not just Ableton’s), or just use your mouse/trackpad. There’s some new functionality, too, like nudging slice start/end, and extra slice and selection modes.

Slices to Notes. This makes a new MIDI clip out of your slices, so you can reorder slices by changing the MIDI note pattern. I love this one, because it reflects how I worked in the days before Live 9.5.

Auto Slicer. Skip the transient detection, and chop based on equally-sized slices (from 1/32 to 1 bar). I’m not sure why this wasn’t already a feature, but now, here you go.

Pad Slicing Mode [Free]: Pad Slicing for all, not just Push 2 owners. Pad slicing lets you chop up samples as they play using the pads on a controller. Now you can use other controllers, too.

The whole set – and future updates – can be yours for 19€. Live 9.6 is required.

Looks like great stuff. I’m eager to give it a go, and look forward to whatever else he’s cooking up.

Check out the videos for a clearer view of how these things work:

First, here’s the pad slicing mode as seen on Push 2 (but now accessible to any controller, as it should be – you could even use keyboard MIDI input if you’re on your laptop):

And here are the other three patches in action:

Simpler Tools: Slice Control from AZ-LABS on Vimeo.

Simpler-Tools: Slices to Notes from AZ-LABS on Vimeo.

Simpler-Tools: Auto Slicer from AZ-LABS on Vimeo.

  • James

    Slice to notes. Isn’t that the same as the “slice to midi” feature in the contextual menu for audio clips? Is it a device to translate notes into the start marker for the sample, or does it use the “Slice” mode on simpler?

    • Freeks

      Slice to midi creates Drum Rack and this one use simpler like Push.

      • ableton liver

        Is ableton going to implement these features in push, I bought push 2 because I thought it was the best option I could purchase for this type of thing, it was quite expensive!

        also do you have to have max for live for these to work as I have Live 9.6 but I don’t have max?

        • James

          You’re right to ask: yes, you would need m4l.
          As for your first question, we can only speculate. I have seen certain devices in max foretell features to come. Once a developer becomes aware of new capabilities within the API, the max devices or LOM are often the precursors to the update announcements. I’m thinking of salami division by skinnerbox or some of the very intuitive button modifiers on your Push at NativeKontrol, or eb.scrubber by dataf1low.

        • thundercat

          Maschine has had these features for years, I feel like Ableton is getting massively praised for essentially catching up to what has been available for quite some time. As far as I can tell it seems a lot of Ableton peeps have never tried tried the MPC / Maschine sample / slice vibe up until this…

          For sure its nice to be able to seamlessly transition from session to arrangement without screwing around transferring samples or routing midi data tho…

  • Freeks

    I hope we see similar way to use Simpler without 3rd party tools, but doubt it. Ableton is putting much effort on Push. In the Beta release notes most new features/fixes are for push. Good for Push users.

  • Nate Donmoyer

    RAD. also worth mentioning Mark’s “Search Clip Name” patch as well, [ ] that one has saved my life many many times in a larger dj-type set where clips can get misplaced or lost in the sea of rainbow rectangles. He was kind enough to share an earlier version of that device with in 2011. True hero right there.

  • Darren E Cowley

    This is very awesome, top work Mark!