Videosync 1.3: visual tool for Ableton Live adds Voronoi, shader browsing, more

Videosync 1.3 has landed. One of the better tools for integrating visuals seamlessly with Ableton Live, this version adds a new, unique method for generating and manipulating images, easy browsing of shaders for added visual effect inspiration, an intuitive new graphical Transform, and more. And there’s a Summer Sale on this week.

Petal is an exquisite 8-tap delay with shaping, for Max for Live

Takuma Matsui’s Petal is an expressive 8-tap stereo delay with shaping, pitch shifting, and a separate feedback loop, Max for Live (or Ableton Live Suite). Takuma has created something really special here, from the poetic interface design to elegant control of sound.

Peter Kirn - August 28, 2023

Solarus is a free Ableton Live modulation tool that uses the motions of the solar system

What if your external clock could be the orbits and rotations of the solar system – and what if the ratios were accurate? That’s the idea behind the new Manifest Audio Solarus, a beautiful free giveaway from producer, developer, and Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred.

Peter Kirn - June 28, 2023

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