Live 11 also turns Push 1 and 2 into more expressive polyphonic instruments, magically

So with all this talk about polyphonic expression in Live 11, what about Ableton’s own hardware? It turns out existing Push and Push 2 hardware transforms with the new software.

Ableton Live 11 is coming; feature by feature, here’s what’s new in detail

Live 11 is coming. It may not seem radical at first, but it does three things enthusiasts may appreciate – it gives you stuff you asked for, it’s more creative to work with, and it’s got some serious nerd candy. Let’s take a look inside. Slow burn love There’s not much in this upgrade. Wait, […]

Peter Kirn - November 10, 2020

No, that isn’t a leak of Ableton Push 3 (details, celebrity comment)

Will there be a future version of Ableton Push following Push 2? Most probably. Is this it? Absolutely not.

Peter Kirn - September 21, 2020

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