Isotonik’s £22 PrEditor is the powerful mapping functionality Ableton forgot. It lets you customize the mappings of a variety of controllers to your music software, opening up custom controller arrangements and tailored interactions to support the way you play.

And the latest version does still more. Hackers and patchers will love this – whatever tool they use. If you use Reaktor, that environment is available – doubly useful now because of Reaktor’s beautiful Blocks modular environment. (There are quite a few things I prefer in Reaktor, so being able to map its controls to my Push means I may completely rethink how I do some of my live sets.)

If you prefer Max for Live, previously invisible parameters are now visible.

Native Instruments’ Kontakt is supported in this version, too, with Komplete Kontrol coming soon. That means if the Komplete Kontrol devices aren’t quite your fancy, you can still use your favorite NI software with the controller of your choice.

Also in this release, you can do more with banks – take custom-named banks, reorder them, copy/paste, and more.

This builds on a steady drumbeat of updates, which included making your own maps for Max for Live and VSTs, compatibility with the Akai APC line, Ableton’s own flagship Push and Push 2, and even the ability to unlock features that normally require those Push devices to other use cases.

I really do hope this encourages Ableton to make its own native mapping more flexible and capable and less hardware-specific. The Isotonik stuff serves as a nice proof of concept.

There’s an epic walkthrough video:

Isotonik PrEditor – V1.3.3 Walkthrough from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

Grab the tool here:

  • wndfrm

    hm! i missed this one, will have to check it out.

    for what it’s worth, ableton’s CC mapping ability was actually one of the reasons i bought it in the first place.. that particular aspect is extremely flexible, however of course it demands more work than auto-mapping controllers, or stuff like push, etc..

    a lot of my pre-show prep is assigning a hundred or so parameters to midi CC’s 🙂 but even though it’s tedious, the process itself is super easy.

  • Joseph Guisti

    As it is you can’t access anything in Maschine using Ableton’s mapping (for instance, you can’t map any of the macros in groups to be controlled by a CC through Ableton), so this project makes me excited for that possibility. If Komplete Kontrol is in the pipeline, hopefully that means that Maschine is, too. They seem to be similar platforms in the sense that they’re both shells for macro mappings of products in the NI ecosystem.

  • Tom Duncalf

    Anyone interested in mapping VST or AU plugins (including Reaktor devices, and I think M4L devices, although I haven’t confirmed this still works with 9.6!) on Push might be interested in my Ubermap script which allows you to create custom mappings for them – check it out at

    Not quite as user friendly as the Isotonik one from the looks of things (you have to edit config files in a text editor, and installation on Windows is manual for now) but it’s free and open source, and plenty of people seem to be happy with it 🙂 Got some nice new features planned to make it even more flexible in the near future.

    • Lee Huddleston

      Thanks Tom! 🙂

  • Freek

    Hmm, i have never noticed that you can’t CC map reaktor parameters. I have used reaktor with all my controllers. Maybe this is for Push users?

    • Darren E Cowley

      This is for support of all our Control Surface Scripts including Push and Push TWO…

  • Armando

    These are the same guys that are making all the novation editors. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Darren E Cowley

      Yes we are!!