Ever wondered what it would be like if the spirit of Philip Glass inhabited one of your web browser tabs? Well, now he can. Sort of.

“Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator” is a browser-based, JavaScript-powered harmonic exploration tool. Punch in a chord progression, then a root key and Church mode and go to town. The audio plays back in your browser with some fixed bpm choices.

The real gem here is the array of arpeggiator shapes, which are copious and endlessly amusing. Music! Theory! Nerds! Go!


But it’s also fun that, this being in the browser, you can click the ‘view’ menu at top and hop into a JavaScript editor. The code is pretty readable, too, even if you’re not an excerpt.

I hope someone actually forks this and adds MIDI export, for instance. And I could imagine this idea of all these arpeggiator shapes in an app, too.

Plus, I get to say hat tip to Brian Eno. (Wait. It’s Eno. Deep bow to Brian Eno.)

Go go go:


  • A fun little tool and distraction!

  • Evelyne Drouin

    recently discovered this too, i’m hoping someone can make an ableton compatible version of this concept, so we can integrate into musical production workflows…

  • Elekb

    This is actually quite useful for predicting what certain chord progressions will sound like… with MIDI export you could create a skeleton song structure even when you don’t have a keyboard around, hope it gets implemented soon.