This site will help you sort out what’s up with minijack MIDI (PSA – reminder)

Here’s your regular, friendly reminder for those not in the know: if you’ve been puzzled by minijack and TRS connections for MIDI, and why none of them seem to work together, one website has (nearly) all the answers.

Internet Archive has saved MTV News, VICE – and it’s a total time machine

If you want your MTV, you’ve got it back. The Internet Archive and Wayback Machine has restored the archives of MTV News (and VICE, while we’re on the subject) shortly after their corporate overlords nuked everything. It’s a move crucial to research – and pleasantly wasting time online.

Peter Kirn - July 5, 2024

Endlesss hits its end in a few days; users urged to download content

Online collaborative app and platform Endlesss will terminate at the end of May, rendering the apps and services inaccessible. In a statement, Endlesss tells users to download and archive all content.

Peter Kirn - May 24, 2024

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