It looks a bit like what would happen if an iPad, a KAOSS Pad, and a plug-in folder had a love child. It’s the new iOS app from the makers of Elastic Drums.

Elastic Drums already had won fans as the indie-developed drum synth / production app released by Mouse on Mars. And inside Elastic Drums, you had a powerful range of effects. So, at some point, lead developer Oliver Greschke had the idea of taking all those effects, and making a standalone multi-effects processor for the iPad.

The result you get, though, is a fully spec’ed-out sound processing powerhouse for iOS: Elastic FX. If you were already using Elastic Drums, you’ll like these effects, too – but now they’ve been reworked, and provide stereo processing (not just mono). You’ll find new effects, too, plus all-new routing options and feedback.

And if you haven’t used Elastic Drums before, Elastic FX promises straight out of the gate to be one of the leading options for processing effects on the iPad.

There are 32 available effects, including modulation, pitch, distortion, filter, delay, reverb, and more.

From those 32 effects, you can assign to one of four effect units.

It’s that four-effect unit that opens up more possibilities. Choose how to route between effects, add feedback, then adjust parameters all at once via X/Y pad (KAOSS-style). That X/Y pad also has phrase recording and automation, of 1-8 bars in length.

There’s additionally a master effects section (which adds 3-band EQ, compressor, and stutter).

From there, you’ve got a load of options to integrate this with your mobile studio:

  • Audiobus 3, Inter-App Audio for working with other apps’ audio (in/out)
  • A built-in audio player so you can quickly audition effects
  • Ableton Link support for jamming and sync, plus time-synced phrase playback and tempo-synced effects (like the delay)
  • Save, load, share user presets
  • MIDI, MIDI learn for parameter control
  • MIDI program change for changing presets

Intro price, iPad only: 7.99€ / US$6.99

Demo videos:

And check out this synced-up automation:

  • Mark Kunoff

    Audio Unit planned?

    • Oliver Greschke

      I knew many people will ask for that, here are the 2 reasons for no AUv3 support yet:

      a) design reason: The app is created with people in mind (like myself), who use one input app (or even hardware) and one effect app
      b) technical reason: We use PureData for the audio engine and PureData is not ready yet for multi instances, which is needed for AUv3

      So AUv3 support might come in the future, but it won’t be the near future, to be realistic, because it looks like a great effort at the moment

      • fffrrrqqq
        • Oliver Greschke

          Well, that’s true but it’s still on a rather experimental level and not well tested at all. But I follow that and would like to test and use it, as soon as I have a good feeling with it

  • richard conrad

    iphone support in future ?

    • Oliver Greschke

      yes, iPhone version is coming. The app will be Universal

      • Rcon303

        Thank you !i love your products!!

        • Oliver Greschke

          That’s a pleasure to hear of course 🙂

  • iPadLoops

    Hey guys I published two new videos demoing these features. cheers