Okay, so – someone has taken the Live 10 demo video, and made a “shreds” overdub, and … well, we all feel it, don’t we?


Thank you, Michael Chmst Snyder, whoever you are. This.

Can’t … stop … watching.

Ableton editorial, it’s your move. You could hire this guy, or… well, wait, is that really a question, even? Do it.

Credit for this goes to…

Kill the Noise are who you can thank for this beautiful work.


Thanks for the tip:

  • Martin Schubert


  • max

    I can totally relate to that. ^^

  • made my day!

  • itchy
  • TeamOth

    Nice touch with the squeaky studio chairs. Keeping it real…

  • Christopher Child


  • Jim Jones

    spot on : )

  • Tanner Brown

    FYI Kill The Noise made this, not this guy who re-uploaded it.

  • John Billington

    This made my day -Hilarious!

  • That’s utterly fantastic. The world needs more electronic music shredding videos 🙂

  • freqn

    Most realistic Ableton workflow video ever!

  • Elekb

    Yes. This is what happens in 99% of bedroom computer music work. Hilarious, but true!

  • Random Chance

    This feels real. But does anyone really live in mostly empty rooms? Where do they keep all their stuff like books, records, clothes, instruments, empty wine bottles, and so on? Even my friends who are self-confessed minimalists and strive to achieve this platonic ideal of contemporary furnishing can’t do it because they also need to live and work in their apartments. But that’s the only give-away that this is all staged. Very nicely done.

    • partofthepuzzle

      Well, at least give them credit for showing the pile of books being used for a laptop stand. That’s realistic!

  • Neil

    I’m sure PAN could release this, completely as-is, and it’d get 5/5 reviews everywhere.

  • Mark McKeever

    This reminds me that I need to shop for more airhorn samples. Genius.

  • Paul Munro

    That is the funiest thing I’ve seen in years! Hahahahaha

  • Paul Munro

    I watched it a second time and I laughed so hard I was crying!

  • Spankous

    I love the message of the picture above like it`s saying “you don`t need a big studio! Just lot`s of love..! oh and 10.000$+ of synths and gear might help too!”

  • jhonlagos
  • adam cote

    I thought the video was lame…. and I have Live 9 suite. Sticking with it until all the bugs with virtual istruments, NI, etc, are worked out…

  • Edward Bass

    Good lord – that is too funny….