A classic beat slicer/repeater plug-in effect is about to get a sequel – and with just this one video, we’re already sold.

Replicant from Audio Damage already made programming rhythmic effects, beat repeats, slices, and stutters embarrassingly easy to program. Now, Chris Randall and Audio Damage have something new coming.

A full overview video is in the works, but … you had me at the new stutter effect. Watch:

  • pino pinucci

    not really impressed… ableton beat repeater sounds way better

  • Greg Littlewood

    News is that this will go live on iOS in a minute- submitted for review.

  • Thomas Wayne

    Have you tried Tantra by Dmitry Sches? It excels at creating unexpected rhythms. Would be worth a review if you haven’t done one yet.

  • Hogo

    I’m still a fan of stutter edit, but this is cool too!