Logic Pro X gets another update this week. Apart from Apple’s continued fascination with automated Drummers, look to some new fluidity with sound, pitch, and time.

As usual in Apple’s fairly frequent, packed update cadence for their flagship DAW, you get a load of little improvements. Drummers will appeal to those wanting quick results, though you may also give them a go for some fun creative abuse. (Because Drummers output MIDI and feature a lot of interactive controls, you can apply them to something other than what’s intended.)

For more advanced features, though, I suspect the real news here is fluidity – transpose pitch of regions, adjust individual steps in the Arpeggiator, and in the powerful acquired synth Alchemy, use additive effects. Here’s the full list of improvements:

• Includes three new Drummers who play percussion in the styles of Pop, Songwriter, and Latin.
• Add new Drummer loops to your song and then customize them with performance controls.
• The pitch of an audio region can now be transposed or fine tuned.
• Alchemy includes an automatic time align feature for improved morphing.
• New additive effects in Alchemy expand the options for filtering and modulating sound.
• There is now a key command to Copy Section Between Locators (Global), which copies all content between the locators regardless of selection.
• In Flex Pitch, there is now a contextual menu item to reset all Flex Pitched notes in all currently selected regions.
• Adds support for creating momentary buttons in Scripter.
• The Surround Panner and Surround Balancer have been updated with new Retina-ready interfaces.
• In the Arpeggiator, it is now possible to adjust the lengths of individual steps in the pattern grid.
• Option-clicking a MIDI Monitor object in the Environment now clears the contents of all MIDI Monitor objects in the project.
• There is now a key command to Toggle Help Tags.
• Pressing Option while showing or hiding Track Alternatives now toggles the setting for all tracks.
• It is now possible to link L and R controls for Dual Mono plug-ins.
• There is now a key command to Remove Fades.
• There is now an Audio > General preference to reserve lowered number busses from auto assignment.
• Shift-clicking when closing in a plug-in window now closes all open plug-in windows.

You’ll find the update on the Mac App Store.

Logic Pro X