David Gibbons, Digidesign's Director of Product Marketing and I were
both guests on Scott Shepard's live radio show Inside Mac Radio
Saturday; check out show notes and have a listen.

David focused on the big news from Digidesign: they announced Pro Tools 6.7 this week, with tempo-dependent audio and
automation, improved drawing and management of tempo curves and meter
changes, MIDI step input, enhanced support for instrument plug-ins, MIDI
Detective and Beat Detective for Pro Tools LE.

Yes, step input seems more than a little late in coming to the leading
pro audio tool, but the tempo/beat features look quite nice — more on
that as we see them in person at Digidesign this week. If you've got
Pro Tools 6.4, the upgrade is free; owners of earlier versions must pay.

I got to rap a bit with David and talked about AES, O'Reilly, and the big picture of audio on the Mac.