I expressed surprise earlier this week that Apple's Logic didn't get an
update at NAMM, but Apple has publicly confirmed an update is coming, reports Harmony Central.
The new update will add import support for GarageBand 2 and track-wide
pitch and timing correction (those features are currently available in
plugin form, but presumably this will make them easier to get at). And
finally, Logic will include latency compensation (competitor MOTU DP
added this in version 4.5).

The bad news: no date, no pricing, and Apple will charge a "nominal
fee." Let's hope that's a truly nominal fee (like $20) for shipping a
DVD, and not an upgrade fee; Logic is a brilliant product but its
upgrade pricing policies have left users irate. The product's great and
it's selling G5s, so go easy, Apple.

Updated: Cris 'Atariboy'
writes me to point out Logic does have latency compensation, just not
on busses; this release would add it on bussed effects and instruments.