CDM got to check out Sasha with his new MAVEN controller (see Music Thing's story) as he played his monthly residency at Crobar here in New York. Forget vinyl — Sasha's setup is all-digital:

  • Ableton Live
  • Apple iMac G5 (looked like 17", but that was after a couple of vodkas)
  • MAVEN custom controller (built just for Sasha)

With this setup, he's able to remix his work live as he goes, with
quick access to Live's cross-fader, levels, and effects. His basic
technique is still that of a DJ — his Live set is usually pretty
sparse — but think DJ with a twist. Definitely digitally virtuostic.

And this should be of even more interest to non-DJs; it demonstrates
how adding physical control can optimize working in Live for more
active remixing. That's huge deal for those of us improvising whole
musical sets with live instruments onstage. Sasha's first out of the
gate with this expensive custom job, but with new cheaper, plastic
options for us poorer folks, you can bet this is a trend that will
spread fast. I'm on the slate to chat with Sasha when he's back in NYC;
stay tuned.