Tired of the lead vocalist in your hardcore thrash death metal band? Why not replace him or her with a parrot?

Yes, it's Hatebeak,
the band with a parrot (literally) singing — make that "savaging you
with feathers of razored steel." (I've heard a few folk
singer-songwriters who also fit that description, but I digress.) Where
else could you find tunes like "Bird Bites, Dog Cries," "Beak of
Putrefaction," or "Bird Seeds of Vengeance." The sound is best
described as, um, just go listen to the MP3.

Reptilian Records is also lucky enough to have signed Caninus, which
features two pitbulls — Budgie and Basil — so if you're a dog lover,
you can get that on 7" vinyl, too. Thanks, Kamala, for the tip!