Reflex Products is a newly-launched maker of computer music gear; Jamez writes us to tell about their new Sonia MIDI controller. Vitals:

  • 12 soft-touch knobs, 5 'virtual transport' buttons (or whatever else you want
  • 25 preset memory banks for instant compatibility with Live, Logic, Reason, Cubase, etc.
  • up to 44 user banks for whatever wasn't instantly compatible
  • High-brightness LED
  • No wall-wart — USB-powered, cable included
  • MIDI I/O only (not via USB, apparently to keep the price low)

Cost: US$145 (limited-time $25 rebate); $175 with more memory banks
Compatibility: MIDI/USB, no drivers needed

Instant compatibility is all the rage; at this price and nice, compact
size, this is another great interface option, though we're still
waiting for the killer 'this is the only interface you need' moment.
Reflex promises more stuff soon.