No, not a USB interface to MTV's Real World. The Muio
is a new interface to real-world sensors and devices (motors, robotics,
etc.). It works via USB, and sends and receives MIDI, OSC, and a
socket/UDP stream using XML, accessed via Windows DLL or Mac OS X
Framework. (CDM issues an 'if you have to ask you probably won't care
anyway' alert about that last sentence.) Best of all, they plan to go
open source.

Bottom line: you'll likely be able to use this soon in DIY interactive projects that work with Max/MSP, Flash, and the like.

Bad news: they claim "No responsibility is accepted for damage
to people or propoerty through the  use/mis-use of the interface"
(what, did they see the flame-shooting Pyrophone?), and "The muio project should NEVER be used for life/safety critical projects."

Damn. I was really looking forward to building a Reason 3 Combinator patch for my local nuclear power plant.