Digidesign|Stadion is the new ultra-pro audio product from Digidesign,
featuring an integrated mixing console, mix engine, Standion|I/O inputs
and outputs with 1024 mic inputs for mixing down to 128 buses, 75,000
seats, a retractable roof, and proprietary Digiturf(TM) HD artifical
turf system, plus integrated recording and playback option for
industry-standard Digidesign Pro Tools systems. MRSP and availability
are currently not announced, though pricing is expected to be about
US$750,000,000.00 (plus shipping) with availability expected in time
for the 2012 Olympics.

This is clearly a big move by Digidesign parent Avid to dominate the
stadium audio business with a truly vertically-integrated product for
sports and entertainment, though some have expressed concern that
Digidesign's Digiturf HD system is not backwards-compatible with
previous Digidesign landscaping products or open flora platforms and
requires an entirely new investment in grass. In fact, you may need a
lot of grass to convince yourself of the viability of this product.

Others suggest that the high taxpayer cost of the enormous Stadion product could be
avoided by using an open, affordable system called
Playinginthebackyard|Express, which offers the same entertainment
quality at a much lower price.