May is Moog month. Not only do we have a DVD version of the Moog documentary to look forward to, releasing May 31 complete with tons of extras from deleted scenes to a demo of Arturia software for Mac and PC to a vintage beer ad, but now Bob’s . . . an action figure?

Yes, Music Thing gets the scoop on a Japanese-designed soft vinyl toy with Dr. Moog himself happily fingering a Minimoog, “coming soon” at 3,200 Yen. (A Music Thing reader spots the manufacturer as Press Pop / designer Archer Prewitt.)

But, wait, there’s more: May 31 is Moogfest here in NYC, and August 4-7 Moog Music is sponsoring a theremin festival in Asheville, NC, Moog Music‘s home. All links below:

  • Moog documentary homepage

  • Moog movie trailer (streaming QT)

  • Moogfest, NYC 5/31

  • Moog, the toy