Using conductive inks and ordinary pencils, the CD Sequencer lets you remix CDs right from the packaging. The circuitry is drawn onto printed postcards; the circuitry measures change in resistance created by a pencil. Plug it into the computer via USB, and you’re ready to remix. Cool, but what I’m not clear on is how this actually remixes things — via the enhanced CD? (More on this if I can find something out; see our friend Chris’ live report from the RCA show.)

Matthew Falla has a number of other brilliant projects, from birdfeeders to internships at the BBC. Along the lines of the CD Sequencer is his Rhythm Poster, which connects like the CD Sequencer. Matthew says he’s aiming to “reconnect music with graphics.” I like that idea a lot — I’m surprised there hasn’t been more exploration of interaction and ink. Let us know if you’ve seen anything similar.