Introducing Downsampled: in conjunction with Computer Music Magazine (UK), CDM will look monthly at an overview of a hot topic on the site. First up: next-generation gaming and music. Here’s a roundup of just some of the relevant stories on CDM.

Nintendo markets music-making as game:
Start your own Wi-Fi Nintendo Band with the Nintendo DS and Band Brothers (+ geeky video of Nintendo execs and Miyamoto’s vision of gaming)
ElectroPlankton game interactive musical toy for the DS
Installation and duos with live violin using ElectroPlankton in Japan
PSP lovers . . . check out PSP Kick

Games as instruments:
Our friends at Harmonix develop music-themed PlayStation 2 games
Freezepop plays live with the PS2 (featuring members of the Harmonix team)

Serious game music:
Orchestras take on game music
Connection between game music and permutative scores
Past, present, and future of game music

Xbox 360 + music:
New game consoles’ music/audio compared (E3)
Visualizer app to be pre-loaded on Xbox 360 from legendary veteran developer (updated: interview link + more
Top game composers sound off on Xbox 360 features and in-game controversy (CDM interviews)

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