Music thing gets the scoop on a particularly interesting eBay find. Remember the giant piano keyboard from the 1988 Tom Hanks movie Big? Now that the movie has been made into a musical, it’s given blokes in the UK an excuse to build their own giant keyboard. Despite the Music thing mention, the eBay auction still lacks a bid. Come on, GBP 2,000? That’s a bargain. Think per inch of this keyboard — this ain’t your upright Yamaha, here.

So what happened to the original giant keyboard from FAO Shwarz (the Manhattan toy story at which Big was shot on-location)? Why, it’s still available, as an FAO exclusive: (FAO, while it recently went under, was resurrected under new management with even MORE expensive toys.)

Dance-on Piano [FAO Shwarz]

And it can be yours — for the low, low price of US$250,000.00! One dance lesson with FAO’s resident choreographer (I’m not making this up) is included. Told you that eBay auction was a steal; no wonder they built their own for the musical. Fret not, though; FAO has a cheap plastic $60 version recommended for ages 3 to 7. (No word on 12 year olds who have been magically changed into adults.) Circuit benders, this one has your name on it. (Photo of the toy after the jump.)

Yep, looks like it’s worth about $20. Fancy making your own? A how-to on making your own arcade dance pad could be a good start.