A late submission to our 1-second music roundup deserves its own mention:

Brad Fuller writes us: “Attached is 1 sec from Level 2 of Marble Madness arcade game from Atari. I did the music and sounds along with Hal Canon at Atari Games.”

Marble Madness Level 2 [1-second MP3 excerpt]

Talk about iconic music: while I haven’t played the game since shortly after it came out, I immediately remember this one!

But if that one-second didn’t satisfy you, here’s more on Brad: he’s a founding partner of game sound maker Sonaural Audio Studios. If you’re going to the Game Developers Conference 2006, you can catch his lecture on the audio track entitled “Beyond Polyphony: Maximizing Audio on Mobile Platforms.” Lastly, check out his bio and some terrific articles on Linux audio and other topics on O’Reilly. Particularly interesting there: he reviews Fervent Studio-to-Go, the bootable Linux music solution (see CDM’s previous stories and interview), and talks about his Atari days.

Thanks, Brad, for the great music — in 1984, and since!

Now what to do with all these late submissions to our original call for 1-second music? I’m happy with the completed song I assembled, but I’ll keep adding them to a playable library, and if we get enough (or call for them again later this year), I’ll do another song.

In the meantime, I’m suddenly itching for a game of Marble Madness . . . (photos courtesy Brad)