“But can it hold a tune?” Now it can:

Billy writes to tell us that the homebrew drum machine PSP Rhythm, previously PSP Rhythm Composer, has added a host of new features. Not only can you turn your Sony PSP game machine into a drum machine, but now via “parameter locks,” a la the Machinedrum, you can use instruments and melodic effects, too. As the developers put it, parameter locks let you “change the pitch, volume, and pan per step to
create moving, changing melodies and effects.” 2.0 also features an extended song mode for arrangement. More is on the way in future versions, including a skinnable interface, and you can download Korg, Kurzweil, and LinnDrum drum kits.

The interface is true to hardware drum machines, well-suited to the PSP’s design. These are features you’re unlikely ever to see in an official PSP game — bless the homebrew community! Now did anyone get a PSP over the holidays who can test this for us? Let me know.


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