In addition to carrying cool stuff no one else does, like the Faderfox controllers for Ableton Live, San Francisco’s Robotspeak sells various circuit bent creations, like this mangled Teletubby:

TinyFlaccid TubbyBox: LAla [Robotspeak]

Modified from an interactive children’s toy, the Microsoft/ActiMates Interactive Teletubby LaLa, the bent LAla makes sounds everywhere you touch it, and cycles through games on its belly television, as well as spewing glitchy nonsense as you’d expect from a bent oddity. You can control the mayhem with a series of switches on the side of the box that doesn’t do anything you’d expect. (Funny, the same thing can be said of some non-bent Yamaha synths from the eighties, but I digress.)

US$500 if you want your own — or you can just Web window-shop, like me.