Here’s another fantastic DIY Ableton Live controller, built using Doepfer’s Pocket Electronics kit (and other Doepfer products):

David Cross’ Doepfer-based MIDI Controller

You can see the Doeper boards in the bottom photo, wired into the controls. I love the vintage-style suitcase case and gorgeous silver faceplate and knobs. This is really how to do a DJ controller for Live; I haven’t seen anything else this elegant and clear. And sure, a mass manufacturer could do something like this, but will they get the oldskool hi-fi stereo look right?

Thanks, David! David chose not to reveal his musical identity, but Dr. Google will tell you he’s a formerly Nasvhille-based DJ under the name ZenKnee, and now works for Ableton’s press department here in New York.

Anyone else feeling the itch to go design their own controller yet?

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