There’s only one way to get the exact controller you want: build it yourself. Reader Jason Kramer did just with a custom MIDI control box, built from the Doepfer Pocket Electronic kit. (See the Doepfer link below for a variety of other cool examples):

MIDI Control Box flickr set [Jason Kramer]
Doepfer Pocket Electronic

This is a great illustration of what’s possible with the kits. Want giant knobs? Want a cross-fader at a slight angle for easy, ergonomic thumb operation? Want pushbuttons arranged around your hand rather than in a boring grid? Just hook them up that way. Jason actually started this with a vintage deviation voltmeter, shown below; my only regret was that he couldn’t work that original faceplate in somehow. But the wooden box is terrific.

From comments on Monolake’s custom Monodeck controller for Ableton Live, where we’re discussing our desires in Live controllers.