Perfectionism is the enemy of productivity, in music making, in blog posts, and in forum messages:

Less activity in the forums … because there’s no “off-topic” forum

We know you’re out surfing in this beautiful summer weather, or, erm, trying to prevent death by heat exhaustion here in the newly globally-warmed United States (101 in NYC?), or enjoying the Aussie winter if you’re Jaymis and Nat.

So, here’s a suggestion for getting your chat on via the CDM Forums:

  1. Don’t forget there is a General / Chat forum
  2. Do feel free to post any “off-topic” messages there you like, such as important threads on sock color
  3. Do subscribe to the RSS feed for the latest posts
  4. Don’t be afraid to post “dumb” questions, because we’re happy to lend a helping hand. And if we’re not, remind us to lighten up.
  5. Do feel free to promote your latest music or website if you’re an active member of the forum, on the Share your Work forum. (That goes for Create Digital Motion visual work, too!)

And, of course, if you’re out there surfing, please don’t get off your board to get on ours. I mean, that’s just silly. Create Digital Noise is refreshing, but not that refreshing. Salt water, please!