Now that a cheap SFF PC or Mac mini can output high-definition DVI, your next problem is how to manage all those high-resolution digital signals for display. Gefen, who made the switcher I’ve been enjoying so much (see previous review, 2×1 DVI KVM), have a slew of new DVI solutions they’re rolling out at the AES audio convention. Why AES? Because studios will love these setups, particularly in the case of the extenders. But they could be equally at home in a multi-computer setup or installation work. Yep, it’s another CDMo post that will have to have a big “grant application”/”budget” warning on it, as these could be spectacular for setting up multiple-computer, interactive installations:

  1. 4×4 DVI matrix: Four computers, four displays, all switched via onboard controls or IR remote. 1900×1200 resolution, plus audio and high-speed USB. HDCP support for HDTV, optional RS232.
  2. 4×1 DVI DL switcher: Up until now, there haven’t been many switchers capable of supporting 3840×2400 resolution, the ultra-high-resolution display used by hardware like Apple’s 30″ Cinema Display. Thanks to its 4×1 configuration and high-res support with dual-link compatibility, this switcher does the job. Like the matrix, it doubles as a full KVM (USB2 and audio support).
  3. 8×1 DVI switcher: Yeah, you heard that right: a full 8 inputs at the control of a single IR remote. Full-access switching takes about 10 seconds.

Gefen has been keeping these products in the price range of mortals — well, assuming you can afford eight inputs to drive that last one, anyway — so while I don’t have pricing, I expect it’ll be down to earth as with previous products. I’m most excited about the 4×4 DVI switcher, just in terms of versatility. I can see some beautiful installation applications for that. (Visual eye candy, that is, not something so mundane as an audio studio — who said I had to be practical?)

Site doesn’t appear to be updated, but when it is, product info will be at Gefen:
Gefen, Inc.