We were already very excited about the DS-Xtreme (“DS-X”) when we first saw it. In brief, why the DS-X makes us drool:

  1. DS storage
  2. Play media files
  3. Run homebrew software
  4. Connect directly to a computer via USB
  5. No weird hardware sticking out of the back of your DS that could get broken

(Previously: DS-Xtreme, Plug-and-Play Solution for Nintendo Homebrew: Reactions from NitroTracker Developer)

It’s pricey, but it’s also the only device that manages to combine all those features. The main draw for CDMers, though, is the ability to run homebrewed apps for the DS so you can make music with your game system. That makes this latest revelation the most important one: new firmware should make the DS-X play nice with homebrew. Tobias, developer of the NitroTrack homebrew DS tracker, writes:

Good news: The DS-X people released a new firmware which has fixed some issues with the filesystem support. So now, NitroTracker works perfectly on it!

Corrected: Full details on the evolving software updates are detailed in a post yesterday on the DS-X site. Currently a Windows-only pre-release but cross-platform final updates are due soon. Bleeding-edge stuff, indeed, but it’s coming along fast.

The DS-X news blog has plenty of interesting content to watch, so worth an RSS subscribe if homebrew DS gets your Mario Kart revving. Via their blog, after the jump: videos of homebrew software in action, and onboard LEDs dance to music from the player:

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