Our own Jaymis has left CDMotion for a couple of weeks for something called a “vacation”, but he’s left a terrific gallery of images from the Elements 7 / King Unique event in Brisbane. In an intimate club venue, Jaymis fired up his full live performance VJ setup, complete with Behringer controllers and Resolume video; the musicians are full-on with Mac + Ableton + Novation Remote SL. Notice how have some controllers handy frees up the performer to really have a good time and do something, well, performative. Notice, as well, that everyone in Australia — man and woman alike — seems to be really happy and attractive. (Note to self: groom fully before touring Australia, and apply cool sticker to laptop.)

We will, my friends, end the age of “VJ” connoting dull visuals and someone hidden behind a laptop / mixer, and, whether you call them “visualists” or “VJs”, herald an age where live visuals are as much a real performance as live musicians. Result: better parties.

Or, in short, good performance + happy sound and visuals = happy and dancing peoples!

More on this rig when Jaymis is back from Vietnam.

in the mix: Elements 7 Featuring King Unique [photo gallery on a very excellent electronic music site]