The world is off and running with the Nintendo Wii Remote for music. You’ll recall I hoped publicly on CDM this device would work for music from the day of Nintendo’s announcement (like many of you), and I’m pleasantly surprised to say everything got a whole lot easier as Nintendo chose a commonly-used Bluetooth chip for their device! (Apparently overwhelmed with demand, the documentation site Wiili is down at the moment; hopefully will be back soon.) I’ll have complete details of how to hook up the Wii to various software for music and motion — hopefully written in friendly terms — within the next few days, provided I can find a controller and bring it home! As a teaser, though, here are examples using the Wii remote as a drum controller and general-purpose timbre controller.

Wiimote Control [theoreticalplayground, excellent physical-computing site!]

WiiMote Music Controller Nord Lead

Another video with some basic instructions:

Updated: Bob’s back; wiili project is still down — more soon.

Full project details:

Wii Drum Machine [The Bobcast]

And in other news, I managed to track down a Wii controller and will be firing up some programs this weekend!

Updated: Some first success and mirror site links, plus a new forum thread where we can ask each other dumb questions about making this work.