Lack the budget and space to collect vintage analog synths? Michel Le Stum is selling custom kits for creating your own, entirely out of paper:

SDIYCUT: Synthesizer Do it Yourself, via synth fetish blog Matrixsynth (sorry, Matrix; I’m a couple of weeks behind but was getting ready for an exam that week!)

15 EUR each, but lovingly made, and more models on the way. Now, I’d love to see this idea expanded … proximity sensor inside, small battery, Bluetooth transmitter, soft synth emulating the instrument and algorithmically generating synth solos. Anyone insane enough to try it?

We’ve seen lovely papercraft synths before. Daniel McPharlin makes both papercraft synths and surrealist art, and judging by his flickr shots, also boasts an immaculately-designed residence with drool-worthy classic modern furniture.

Analog Miniature 5, by Daniel McPharlin. While not available as kits, these synths are for sale — usually under US$50, too. But with just a couple more details, if only these could be made playable, if only in a rudimentary way …

Exquisite Miniature Synthesizers, Modular Marimba, Made from Paper

Vintage synths and modern interior design? I may become enveloped in a drool-splosion. Excuse me.

And as I write this, Matrixsynth also reveals that Doktor Future has commissioned an entire studio of miniature modulars, complete with tiny patch cords:
Miniature Modular Studio [Matrixsynth]

Anyone got ideas for making playable instruments out of paper? We’d love to hear them.