Ronald Stewart, creator of the mobile, Linux-powered Trinity DAW device, writes to tell us the prototype had its first public appearance at the recent Linux Audio Conference:

We ran the device for 7 hours (3.5 hours battery/3.5 hours on wall power supply) with zero hangs and everything worked under various multiple applications running. USB device such as Oxygen worked great and even controlled the Amsynth’s filter knobs.

Cute little mobile setup there. And yes, that’s the open-source audio program Audacity running on the Trinity. The device will ship with Audacity 2.0, not the current version, plus some additional software thanks to the help of For more detailed specs, and a sense of what the board will look in its proper case (lovely as that plexiglass looks), see our previous story:

Portable, Linux-Based Trinity Recorder Development Continues; New Specs