Next week in Brooklyn I’ll be collaborating again with MAKE:Magazine, Etsy, and Popular Science. This month’s theme: paper.

Paper Projects Night []

Even if you’re not in the New York area, if you’ve got a paper-based music project of some kind — instruments (working) made out of paper, interactive paper sculpture, whatever, drop me a line and let me know. If you’re in NYC, you can bring it on by Brooklyn and say hi! If not, I’m thinking of having people appear virtually, either by web chat or some sort of remote presentation. (If it’s just slides, I’ll still do it.)

I’ll be making music from paper. How, you ask? I’ve got a webcam-based music sketcher I’m building, and there may be something involving scraps of paper and piezo elements, as well, if I don’t run out of time.

New Yorkians:
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April 25th, 2007
MAKE @ Etsy Labs, 325 Gold Street, 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (map)

World Citizens:
Get in touch via the ether, peter (at) createdigitalmusic dot– oh, you know.