I got to run a feature yesterday on Create Digital Music with tips for getting good gigs, written by musician and Chicago electronica scenester Liz “Quantazelle.” That story has in turn generated a lot of discussion on CDM and elsewhere.

This raises an interesting question, though: how much of this advice applies to visualists and, specifically, standard VJ gigs? We face even more challenges: needing projection surfaces and (in some cases) projectors, having to “accompany” music, and having a new medium that most people still don’t quite “get.” My own gigs have often been nontraditional (modern dance) or mixed with music performance. But I’m curious what you think. And what would you want in an advice list if we could get the community here on CDMo to put one together?

Comment here, and feel free to join the chatter on Create Digital Noise; I’ve set up a new thread there:

Getting good music/visual gigs — let’s share advice