This is likely to interest a very tiny subset of readers here, but since we’re talking Wii, worth bringing up: the free WiiRemoteJ Java library is now ready for prime-time. It allows you to access Wii remotes directly, via Bluetooth, in your Java app. If I can find a use for it, I will also try to set it up for use as a Processing library.

WiiRemoteJ at the uber-helpful Wiki (which, while it has Linux in the name, is really for all platforms)
See also the forum post

That’s the good news; the bad news would appear to be that so far it’s Linux-only, as it relies on the Aventana Bluetooth implementation (Bluetooth is platform-specific). But it should be possible to port to other platforms, so stay tuned; in the meantime, Aventana looks nice. (There’s both an open source and commercial version of it; I think both work.)

Java coders, please feel free to sound off. If there are enough of us, I’ll put together a little area of the upcoming, soon-to-be-relaunched CDM community site, and maybe we can share code creations with the other CDMers.