Guitar Hero makes you feel too much like you’re in a Japanese video game arcade? (Heck, they have taiko drums and stuff.) Rather use it as a way of reinventing how you play the guitar — aside from, of course, spending thousands on a robot guitar from Gibson or experimenting with new tuning systems?

Here’s yet another Guitar Hero hack, which finds a remarkably complex way around the fact that the controller has five buttons and no frets:

Hmmm… interesting. But I want more acceleration data, so you can create music by tilting your guitar over your head, or throwing it at something. (Preferably something soft, in case you want to reuse it.)

Handy tip: If you’re a man or woman looking for marriage proposals, this could be a way to do it. UK-based YouTuber Jessica sighs, “This is fantastic. I love you. Marry me.” That’s right: post crazy Wii controller hacks, and you’ll break hearts. Imagine what a Pd patch controlling arrays of lights or a homebrewed synthesizer would do. Do I see a Web mash-up of Instructables and coming on?

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