The revelation of a Korg synth for Nintendo DS was big news for modern-style soft synths on mobile Nintendo game systems. But what about some good, oldskool 8-bit Game Boy sounds? Most cartridges have focused on sequencers, not synths and performance — that is, not playing your Game Boy like an instrument. The Pixelh8 project got our attention last summer by attempting to do just that. Now, project creator Matthew (Pixelh8 himself) lets us know his Music Tech Pro Performer, a complete remake of his original project, is available:

Pro Performer Project Page

V1+ brings new features, including nineteen (count ’em!) pitch sweep options and seven volume envelopes. It maps to scales (major, natural and harmonic minor, whole tone, pentatonic), so you can keep your playing on the right notes. And with intervals/chords, performances modes (porta., tremolo, vibrato, arpeggio), sound effects, unison, and other features, you can get a decent range of sounds. If you’re looking to make your Game Boy into a synth, it’d be hard to go wrong with this one.

Compatible hardware: GBA, GBA SP, & DS Lite (in slot two).

Cost: £30.00 GBP + £5.00 International Recorded 1st Class Shipping for an actual physical cart. No ROM will be made available.

More vids:

And to Matthew, a big thank-you for the shout out in the About screen! (Some of our other favorite outlets in there, too, you’ll see.)