I’m not an E3 so I’ll have to rely on others for coverage, but Nintendo has announced the long-awaited Wii Music at their press conference today. Now, of course, a number of readers here are already making Wii Music of their own, using custom software to turn Wii remotes into controllers. (Finally got my Balance Board working, by the way; more on that soon.) But it’s great to see mainstream games giving players more freedom; the new game promises to allow you to improvise freely instead of just time pre-determined reactions as in conventional music rhythm games.

Joystiq has a post I expect will be updated; see also their joint Engadget liveblog.

More on this soon.

In other news, it looks like Nintendo is adding still more sensors to its Wiimote, in the form of the Wii MotionPlus add-on. Sounds like the Wii hackers will have more to do – and that the Wiimote will remain gestural computing’s most excellent bargain input device.