Craig Dorety aka komega, maker of many wonderful sonic things, writes with a strange, new creation: an imaginary 1000 year egg inspired by a found object from one of his (real) ancestors. I could try to describe it, but I think the best thing is to hear Craig talk about it in the video.

The sound of the egg is an acquired taste, of course, but what do you expect from 1000-year-old alien music?

This brings up an interesting point, though: packaging can impact how you feel emotionally about an object, even if it’s an object you yourself created or modified. Have you reimagined any musical or sonic items in a way that made you relate to it differently? Let us know.

Craig’s Photostream @Flickr
Craig’s project portfolio, including the awesome livePAD, the custom-built controller that wowed his fellow competitors at the CDM Futuristic Music Design Challenge in San Francisco earlier this year and was first runner-up in the contest.